What are barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes are shoes that actually simulate walking barefoot. It has the function of protecting the foot, but it does not restrict the foot in any way and allows it to work and strengthen naturally. It simulates walking without shoes.

The basic features of barefoot footwear include:

1) The correct anatomical shape of the shoe - the shoe should follow the shape of the foot. This is the only way it can work properly.

2) Flexible sole - contact with uneven terrain strengthens the sense of balance and this actually strengthens the leg muscles

3) Zero drop - or no heel, the sole is as high under the toe as under the heel

4) Ankle freedom - so the foot can really engage every muscle. High rigid arches and bracing are not desirable in barefoot shoes, the foot can't work properly that way.

5) Insoles without contouring or arch support

What do you get from wearing barefoot shoes?

  • stronger legs - you strengthen your leg and foot muscles
  • improve your balance
  • promote healthy posture - so you can get rid of back pain or even migraines
  • learn the correct walking stereotype
  • you will probably say goodbye to painful "halluxes" 
  • flat feet will be out of the question, your leg will be beautifully strengthened and shaped