we have prepared the following loyalty program for you:

  • for every EUR 1,20 (CZK 30) spent with us, you will receive 1 point for your next purchases
  • 1 point = 0,04 EUR (1 CZK)
  • you can use the points for the next order, but you can save them and collect more, they have no limited validity
  • all orders of the logged in user are included in the loyalty program
  • if you subsequently evaluate the purchased product, you will get 5 extra points. If you write a short review, you will get another 10 extra points (you can find it after logging in in the "rating" section)
  • points can be collected and used when shopping at the store *

example: You buy goods from us worth 59,76 EUR, we will credit your account with 50 points for this purchase, so you will have the next order EUR 2 cheaper! If you evaluate the goods after the trial and write a short review for other customers, you still have 15 points, 0,60 EUR. So the total discount for the next purchase is a beautiful 2,60 EUR.

The condition for obtaining loyalty points is the customer's registration in our e-shop. Points can be redeemed only if the customer is logged into the system or wishes to redeem the points at the store. If the customer purchases without registration, this purchase will not be recorded in his transaction history.

If the purchased goods are returned, the points account will be reduced by the points credited for these goods. Shipping and cash on delivery are not included in the purchase value.

* it is necessary to have a customer account set up on the e-shop, to which we can upload your points