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Barefoot shoes for children are the best choice for the natural development of children's feet. They respect the natural anatomical shape of the foot and do not oppress the fingers that can work. The flexible sole makes it possible to perceive the surface we are walking on, perceive its unevenness and thus strengthen the foot. Barefoot footwear contributes to a healthier posture and overall more natural walking. In our offer, you can find children's barefoot shoes for summer, winter and all year round (year-round) or booties, slippers and slippers.

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Jonap B3 s lila

Jonap B3 s lila

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EUR 57,35
Barefoot ankle boots Jonap with membrane.
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D.D. STEP S073-790D.D. STEP S073-790

D.D. STEP S073-790

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EUR 51,20
Full-leather barefoot all season shoes.